The Pittsburgh Quarterly is a small press literary magazine that grew out of the community writing workshop movement. We present work from new and established writers without emphasis on region, ideology, or style. The works are contemporary, the poetry is usually not formal, ideas and opinions and varied styles are given space. While the print issue is not currently in regular publication, please visit and participate with us in TPQ OnLine. Also, we present a few poetry readings a year and award the Sara Henderson Hay poetry writing prize. The Quarterly awarded the Caliban Book Shop Prize for Fiction in 2001.

The Sara Henderson Hay Prize

The Pittsburgh Quarterly announces the winner of the Sara Henderson Hay Prize for poetry for 2007. The prize of $600.00 has been awarded to
John Stupp of Sewickley, Pennsylvania for his poem "Making Steel in Heaven". The competition was judged by Frank Correnti. Previous winners include: Bobbie Su Nadal, 1992; Stephen Berer, 1993; Anastasia Leigh, 1994; Elton Glaser, 1995; Elizabeth Gargano, 1996; Margaret Almon, 1997; Eve Alexandra, 1998; Vivian Shipley, 1999; Julie Platt, 2000; Lynn Veach Sadler, 2001; Joseph Bathanti, 2002; Romus Simpson, 2003; Christina McGinnis, 2004; Janice Miller Potter, 2005; and Christina Murdock, 2006.

Guidelines for 2008: The prize for 2008 will be $600.00. Entries are limited to no more than 100 lines per poem and up to three poems may be submitted. Entries must not have been previously published and must include a single cover page with author's name, address, phone number, and entry titles and indicate "Contest". Author's name must not appear on poems. Subject is not limited but may include such issues as quality of life and conditions in a new world.

Deadline is postmark of July 1, 2008.

The Editors will judge the entries and award the prize on or before Labor Day, 2008.

Entry fee is $10.00 USD/ Canadian and abroad. Check or M.O. should be made payable to The Pittsburgh Quarterly, 6336 Crombie Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15217. Manuscripts will not be returned.

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The Caliban Book Shop Prize for Fiction

Prize of $500.00 for 2001 was won by Robert Peluso for his story "When Things Just Happen." The contest was judged by Hilary Masters.

Guidelines: Entries are limited to no more than 6000 words. One story may be entered. One winner will be selected.

Subject is not limited but may include such issues as memories and conditions which give rise to the political.

Entries must not have been previously published and must include a single cover page with author's name, address, telephone number, and entry title and indicate "Contest". Name should not appear on story.

Deadline: The contest is not currently being scheduled.

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