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What is VP Chat?:
VP Stands for "Virtual Places".  It is an Excite 'Chat' program designed to let people talk in real time over the Internet.  Unlike many of the chat programs today, VP also adds both a visual and audio aspect to your chat experience.  When you chat in VP using the "download", you have a visual picture to represent yourself, and the ability to see, hear, and play gestures.  Gestures are a combination of animated pictures, and sound files ... as well as lines of text that are displayed in the chat "room".  People may also chat in VP by using their Internet Browser (the program used to look at the Internet) - however they will not see the "visual" images that users of the download do -- and the image/icon that represents these people will look like a coffee mug.  So... If you hear the term "mug" used ..... it is only a term used to describe someone who is chatting without the benifit of all the visual and audio perks that VP download users see.  To get the download, Click the link: - VP Chat

Protect Your Computer:

Viruses DO exist....... and they can hurt your computer.  While this is always true anywhere on the Internet ... it is especially true if you trade files with people in VP.  Some folks have even devised a way to 'send' boot gestures that will kick you out of vp, and viruses attached to other files that can be sent through vp.  Protect youself and make sure you have an Anti-Virus program installed, and update it frequently.  So - whether it is Norton, McAfee, PC Cillin, or another anti-virus program, get one, install it, keep it updated with the most recent data, and RUN IT.

Also: In the "helpful" department ... there are many additional tools that you can add to vp chat..... items such as Mega Heads (which allow you to use larger avatars) ..... patches that protect you from being booted from VP and even the entire computer, as well as patches which allow you to use, send, and play larger files  ......

Protect Yourself:

For the most part there are some very good and kind people in VP chat rooms; however, just as in real life - there are also some mean, unhappy, and negative people as well.  Don't give out personal information to the people you see on the Internet... get to know someone ..... then if you wish .... exchange information in a private room or an Instant Message box.  Remember ... there are also some real jerks out here - people who log in with all sorts of names, pretending to be something they are not ... and taking advantage of new and innocent chatters.  Protect your heart - you may be being completely open and honest about yourself .... that does not ALWAYS mean the other person is.  Get to know the folks you see .... talk to them over a period of time, share pictures, phone calls, and personal information  ... and above all -- guard your heart and your feelings.  While many of happy relationships have been started "on-line" ..... the rooms are also full of heartache and pain because of lies, deception, and manipulation.  Married men and women alike pretending to be some romantic "perfect mate" ...... only to gain gratification and pleasure without a thought to someone elses feelings.  There are also many young teenaged kids.... playing out their fantasies (sexual and otherwise) - while pretending to be someone they are not.  Remember - It's just an AV........ if you think you would like to meet someone.... do so on neutral territory, and in a public place --- stalkers love to lure unsuspecting people into a false sense of security, then trap them in situations that would be best avoided.  BE CAREFUL.

Be Respectful  ~  Be Honest

I have seen, and heard - (as well as having been involved in) many cases in VP where someone was very deeply hurt.  A person falling very much in love with someone - only to find that the person that they cared for was only in VP to "play" and have a good time.  Do yourself, and all your fellow chatters a favor and get the facts and rules down with whomever you choose to have a personal 'online' relationship with.  If you are only in VP to make friends, play, or even fool around with 'cyber-sex' ...... then be straight-forward with the person you are talking to.  There are plenty of other people in VP who will share your common interests, and desires ...... so there really is no need to cause any more pain and hurt in the world than there already is.  If you are married and want to share some compassion, love, and affection - admit this, and everyone will sleep much better at night.

There are many, many folks in VP who are lonely, isolated, and very very real.  To them this is a way of life - and the people they meet and talk to are very real.  Please be kind, and don't give someone the impression that they are the only person in your life if that is not the case.  Many folks have several login "VP Names" - protect your heart, and be aware of the fact that the others here also have very real feelings.  Being a mystery can be fun ~ exciting ~ and even sensuous, but allow your partners to be aware that you are only here for enjoyment if that is the case.  Who knows? ... you may even find that special someone in VP ......  I DID!

The Nature of the VP (and other chat) Program:
By its very nature - VP can create both the best and the worst kind of worlds and fantasy that exist in our minds.  The ability to use "secret" IM boxes to talk to people ....... the ability to 'change' your name and create multiple alter-egos ...... the ability to make rooms "private" ........ all of these things can be great tools for romance and friendship;  however, they can also be the tools used to create mis-trust, deceipt, and injured feelings.  The fact that sometimes it takes a second for a "chat line" to get to the room or a person - or the unpleasant "BOOT" or "POOF" that happens when your computer dis-connects from the Excite Server and VP Chat can cause some very real confusion and hurt feelings as well.  So ..... keep an open mind, but don't be foolish.
My ( VP Involvement:
VP can be a very enjoyable past-time, and as a web-designer I enjoy creating pages, links, files, and even an occasional AV for the folks who share the VP experience.  There are folks out there who enjoy 'booting' people, reading other folks' IMs (yes - IM readers do exist), and in general causing grief to the average VP chatter; however, my participation in VP matured beyond this type of behavior by the time I was a teen-ager.  (kk ... so that was long before VP was even developed).

If I can help in any way to make your venture in VP more enjoyable - feel free to drop me an email ..... or look for " -lone.wolf " (without the quotes) and come chat with me when I'm on-line.  In the future you can look for more rooms, more AVs, and perhaps even a few gestures and some additional downloads as my life and personal time permit.

While the capabilities exist to 'boot' folks from a particular page or room here at web-friend, I can count on one hand the number of times that this was necessary - I just don't see the fun in causing others aggravation.

You can find a list of terms, slang and the lingo used in chat ... HERE


Gestures & AV Testing area:
Well........... maybe 1 out of 100 will see the humor in this table.




Have Fun, and....... see ya in VP!

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