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Featured Sites from August:   Top referers (July)

Retro-Teknix: Absolutely wonderful graphics here.  Well worth a look at a well designed site that creates its own superb graphics.  Congrats on winning the weblamp contest - you deserve it.

seo-world:  A new entry into the webmasters resources.   Articles, Forums, and knowledgable members make this a site to keep an eye on.  The main topic is search engines, and how to optimize your site to get found in them.

Weblamp: Popular webmasters reference site.  Forums, a great link exchange program, and quality members make the site a top pick.

  1. webproworld.com

Does not include search engines or related domains.

Search Tools: Pick your weapon, and search with power.
(Google, Yahoo, All the Web, Looksmart, and more)

Other Link Pages:
Places I've been, and enjoyed their sites (these are not link exchange partners).

My "short list"  of the top sites on the 'net', and where I like to visit.  News, Sports, webmaster tools, stocks, weather, help, java, flash, search, javascripts, politics, business, research and reference sites.

Webmasters  A page of links for the webmaster. links to all sorts of resources on the web.  programming, seo, ISP, and other great webmaster tools, tips, tricks, and solutions.

Downloads  Links to sites that offer top quality downloads.

Chat  Links to various chat, VP, avatars, graphics programs, chat rooms, IM, and PM programs and more

VP servers  Information, server addresses, and links to sites that continue to use the old VP chat program.

Linux  Links to sites that specialize in the Linux operating system.  The alternative to Microsoft Windows

search links  Links to Sites that deal specifically with SEO, SEM, and the Search Engine World in general. Look here for what's new, and what's coming up in the search engine world.

Original Friends: The first sites to link to web-friend.com.  Many of these folks still have an active web site, stop by and visit the folks who were with me in the beginning.

Help: Computers & Web:  Sites where you can find various types of "help" and helpful information on the web.  From hardware, to tips, tricks, and tweaks.  Tools of all sorts: from hardware to software; Internet to modem.

Search engine list  Large listing of web search engines available, tips and tricks on what to use, and how to use them. SEO, SEM, and how to get a good SERP.

Wallpaper  My short list of the best wallpaper and graphics sites on the net.  Most of these few links are 3D render sites that post free top quality desktop wallpaper.  Includes Vue d' Esprit, Lightwave, Poser, Bryce, World Builder, Terragen, 3D Studio, and other resources.

Computers  Links to computer and Internet related sites beyond my link exchange program.

Political  Links to political related sites.

NASCAR: For the NASCAR Stock Car Racing fans out there, visit the auto race links page.

Our Sponsors: Obligitory links to the sites I use, or have used in the past.

New Links: A brief review of new sites I've happened on.  Still an experiment - so if it seems out of date, that's only because I've been too busy elsewhere to work on it.

Fun Links: Returning in September

The Master Link List

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I exchange links with many "web friends", but have no control over the content of our friends sites.  I make every effort to ensure that all my links are responsible webmaster sites, and that the content of these links is not offensive in nature. I do not post links that contain adult material, links to hate groups, or links from sites that deal with bootleg or pirated software, or any illegal activities.   If you find a link here that you feel is offensive, please email, or contact the webmaster. You can find my contact information here.

If you are interested in joining the web-friend.com link exchange program.  Then visit the add url page, and submit your web site for review.  While the majority of my links are computer and Internet related, I am willing to exchange links with other categories as well.  Exchanging links helps improve everyone's rankings, not just in Google, but in other search engines as well.  Take control over your SEM / SEO program, and boost your rankings by submitting your URL to web-friend.  Help improve your link popularity, increase your web site traffic, and exchange links today.

Information for adding web-friend.com to your site:
Title: A "Friend" on the "Web"
url: http://web-friend.com ~or~ http://www.web-friend.com
Description: web-friend.com: Resources, reference, online help,, webmaster tips, tricks, tools, & secrets, original 3D wallpaper, VP rooms & links, search tools, links galore, and more. Professional website design, computer and Internet services available.

Thank You for posting a link to web-friend.com!

New web friends link" web friends ": The new find a " Web  Friend " links page.  Currently a brand new service from webfriend.

Removed Links:  To those who requested links, but have not reciprocated.  These get cycled off if a reciprocal link is not provided within a reasonable amount of time.   If I was unable to find a reciprocal link on your site within 2 weeks, your link was removed. You can read the terms of our link exchange policy, and I do hold a link for about 30 days here before removing it completely, you can visit the url below to see if you link is on the "To be deleted" list:
Contact me if you have since added a reciprocal link, and wish to have your site re-posted.

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